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<b>Star Trek Continues </b>is a fan-created science fiction series set in the <i>Star Trek </i>universe produced by Trek Continues Inc., Far From Home, and Dracogen. The series is an unofficial direct continuation of the third and last season of <i>Star Trek: The Original Series</i>, whose visual and storytelling features have been reproduced to recreate the same look-and-feel.As with all such <i>Star Trek</i> fan productions, use of copyrighted and trademarked properties from the original series was allowed so long as the production is not-for-profit. Part of the funds necessary to produce the episodes were raised through a successful Kickstarter campaign, to which almost three thousand backers contributed.<i>Star Trek Continues</i> won a <i>Geekie Award</i> for "Best Web Series" in 2014 and has been very positively received by the critics, who praised the quality of the production, stating that the series has set a new standard for <i>Star Trek</i> fan productions.